Winter reminders

Winter reminders

Whenever we see gorgeous winter images, we remember how grateful we should be for being provided with our senses. Although winter –together with autumn- may sometimes seem to be nostalgic and sad, one of the best feelings in the world is to feel this cold weather season through the senses.

The winter in our senses

Even though the first thing we think about when it comes to winter time is the decreasing temperatures, we could enjoy this time of the year even more if we only paid attention to what we feel with every sense. For instance, our sense of touch allows us to feel how cold and soft the snow is; thanks to our sense of smell we can remember a fragrance we relate to winter time; with our sense of taste we can enjoy a hot beverage while being sheltered in a warm place; and with our hearing sense we can hear how the icy rain drops touch the ground.

Can you see the winter?

We have described so far how senses help us to feel the winter even more intensely in the former paragraphs but we forgot to mention the sense we use the most. This sense is the one we put into operation when we look out of the window to see how snowy the trees have become overnight. We also use this sense to admire how gray and beautiful the characteristic winter skies are. Yes, we are talking about the sight. Whoever is fortunate enough to have this sense knows how great visual memories of winter are.

Keeping a wintry view

Sometimes, when we use the sense of the sight to behold a beautiful frozen landscape, we are so happy about being able to see it that we keep it in our memories. Thanks to the technological advances that have occurred in the world in the past decades, we can help our brain to memorize with the use of cameras and recorders. We can keep it all there. Of course, it will not be the same as experiencing it through the eyes but the importance of having winter pictures and recordings at hand is reflected in how much of this content can be found on the internet. People love to share images and watch videos of the best moments of their lives, as they enjoy seeing other people’s content. What are you waiting for to take a look at some pretty winter images?