What is app store optimization?

What is app store optimization?

The term ASO is one that we hear now everyday. It simply means the process of optimizing and improving the visibility of a mobile app like an IPhone, IPad, Windows phone, Android or Blackberry mobile app in the app market store. The market store is either the iTunes, Google Play, Windows Store or Blackberry World.

What is the history of app store optimization?

Apples iTunes app store for IOS users was launched in 2008 and was followed by Google Play for Android users, originally named Android Market. Ever since that happened the number of apps has greatly increased. When this happened the chance of each app to be seen and found significantly decreased. This made app store marketers realize the importance of ranking high in the search results of different app stores. They developed a new set of rules and techniques that would help an app stay at the top of the search charts compared to other similar apps.

How does app store optimization work?

App store optimization marketers work just like SEO marketers. They aim to optimize and improve their content so that the search engine positions the app at the top of the results chart. This means more traffic and hence more users are drawn to the app.

What are app store optimization goals?

App store optimization marketers and specialists have a number of goals that they wish to achieve:

  • They want their app to be easily found by users of the app store. People usually use the app store and nothing else to find the apps they need. Most people will look only at the top of the search list and will not scroll down to the end. This means that the apps found at the top of the list have more chances of being purchased and downloaded.
  • They want their app to have a higher rank compared to competitors. Automatically users will understand that this app is higher at the search result because it is better and they will feel like downloading and using it.
  • They want the app to rank higher for certain keywords. These are mainly the keywords the users use to search for the perfect app. Many users will type what they want their app to do rather than a name.
  • They want their app to have better graphics like screenshots and videos to be more appealing to users.


Understanding the importance of app store optimization can have a great effect on how an app performs.