Sustainable Product for Everyone

So, I was browsing around the internet recently and I was taking a look at businesses that I thought had interesting models and values. One really stuck out to me: As I browse the way that this company produces their product, and the specifics of the product itself, I saw that this is the type of model that more businesses need to form. This is not about lowest common denominator, bottom line economics. It goes beyond that, and potentially create a better economic situation, as well as a better world outside of the product. I wish more businesses were willing to adapt this type of progressive and sustainable business model. This company is clearly invested a lot in their product. They make each of their scooters to order, and their battery that the scooter runs on, and that the scooters engine runs on, was designed in collaboration with Panasonic. Once you start working with that type of big-name, you know that the value of the product, the amount that the company is actually investing in making sure what they are offering is top-quality, is second to none. So, I think that this type of product needs to be made more often. It it is something that commonly uses fossil fuels, but is replacing that with electricity. This brings you closer to carbon neutrality and makes a significant impact on lowering your carbon footprint as an individual. This is the kind of thing that a whole Market of people are looking for, that is not widely available. I don’t know what else to say, but kudos to this company based in Berlin, and I hope the rest of the world begins to follow Germany’s example in creating a patient in sustainable products.