Proper Implementation of Business Policies

So, here’s the thing about Outsourcing. You’ve got to do it. You absolutely have to. In my opinion, there is hardly a single practice that is more underutilized in the modern economy than Outsourcing, and it is utilize fairly often. I just see so many businesses struggling with software needs, that if they were to use software outsourcing, all of their issues would be alleviated and productively solved. So you can say I’m frustrated. I’m not frustrated because of my own situation, which I think is pretty ideal call, largely in part of Outsourcing. I’m frustrated because I see so many otherwise intelligent business people, and otherwise well-run organizations, suffering and spending needlessly because they refused to acknowledge and benefit from the extremely positive side effect of Outsourcing. That’s where I’m at. I just find it so frustrating that people aren’t willing to help themselves and their business profit– why else run a business if you’re not going to take every attempt, every ethical attempt at least, to profit. If the point is to make money, and you’re spending it needlessly, why not find a solution to that. A lot of people just assume that there is no solution, but when I tell them about Outsourcing they’re closed off to the idea. They say they would rather make a full-time hire and cultivate a team environment. People say a lot about how Outsourcing negatively impact morale. Well, as somebody who has experienced Outsourcing in a variety of business situations, I can say that it has never negatively impacted morale if implemented correctly, which it always has being in my experience. So, if that’s the thing holding you back, let go of it.