Okay, so things have been sort of frustrating at home lately

Okay, so things have been sort of frustrating at home lately. Bill pinched a nerve in his back and he refuses to go see a chiropractor. My favorite Raleigh chiropractor  is more than happy to see him, and I even booked an appointment, but Bill refuses to go and see him even though he has done great things for me in the past and has even helped a lot of bills friends. Does anybody have any tips for dealing with a stubborn husband? I know that I find it extremely difficult, sometimes I think that his stubbornness is attractive or  even beneficial in certain situations where he refuses to be pushed around by public servants or other people who are doing him or us or me wrong.

But when it comes to health I really believe that it is our duty, as we get older, to treat our bodies as well as we possibly can. Bills hobbies aren’t getting any gentler or less active, but he refuses to be careful with his body and he ends up pinching this nerve on a fairly regular basis… Every time he does, it keeps him from being productive around the house or even at work, and in the end this injury will be a serious liability to him if he doesn’t learn how to start dealing with it. A couple years ago he saw a chiropractor, and the chiropractor suggested that he start stretching but not just stretching, the chiropractor suggested that he do yoga. If you know my Bill, you’ll know that yoga and Bill are about as opposite as yin and yang. That suggestion, I think, was more than enough fuel to fire a lifetime of stubbornness regarding chiropractors and my sweet husband, who is in so much pain. I can’t fault him for sticking to his guns, but does anyone have any suggestions on how to convince someone who is being very stubborn to do something that is in their best interest?